Seychelles business

Unity House Bldg
Palm Street

Terms and Conditions

  • To register with us you have to require forms of identification. One form of identification must be a government-issued photo ID. Valid photo IDs includes a current driver’s license or passport.

  • During registration, both parties, by their signatures below, represent and warrant that they are a.) Over the age of 18 and have the intent and capacity to enter into a binding agreement and b.) The products and services offered for can legally be exchange by them, and c.) The information included is correct, to the best of their knowledge.

  • This agreement cannot be changed orally but only by instruments in writing signed by both parties.

  • A yearly fee of SCR 1000.00 (one thousand Seychelles Rupees) must be honored by the offeree upon receipt of ‘box’ and ‘key’.

  • A fee of SCR 200/- is applicable for replacement of lost key.

  • R&M SERVICES is not liable for failure to write proper destination on documents.

  • Avoid using “P.O.BOX” on all your correspondences when writing or giving your address for documents at R&M Services, as for “P.O.BOX” stands for Post Office Box. Your number alone is sufficient for our company to clear and sort out your documents.

  • R&M SERVICES will return to sender if failure to comply with the service charges.

  • It is against R&M Service’s policy to open any documents, unless agreement has been signed by both parties for forwarding of documents.

  • Changes in products/services and other described as above cannot be executed by neither parties without prior written consent of both parties.

  • Both parties shall agree to abide by delivery schedule and deliver the products and services in good and workman like condition.

  • The client has no further business with R & M Services Pty Ltd upon expiration of agreement, unless agreed for renewal by both parties. 

  • The ‘Authorized Offeree’ is allowed to accommodate an additional 4 users only under this agreement form. If an Additional user is identified he/she is obligated to sign a new agreement form, delivered payment of SCR1000/- and allocated with a new Box number.